<paulproteus> I used to be in a bad mood, but I slept more and now I am not.

<brett> Anytime your geneaology has double-ended arrows, you're doing it wrong.

<gravity> Also, there was yet another chemical spill on my floor today! Half the labs are closed right now!
<dilinger> the best part is lying down on the floor and making chemical angels

<paulproteus> Honestly I am still amazed by object permanence.

<johns> best job application yet
<johns> correct subject line
<johns> entire body of message:
<johns> Sent from my iPhone

<maalox> i've given up on best practice with javascript
<maalox> my code now is basically just a series of regexes and passive aggressive comments

<johns> there's a Firefox extension for hiding extensions
<johns> I'd link it but I can't see it because I have it installed

<schoen> I'm sure I've already mentioned TJ's nonvegetarian soymilk
<schoen> the strawberry one
<paulproteus> Strawberries are made of meat, so that makes sense.

<stargirl> I want to drink a vegan steak breakfast out of a fishbowl

<oddletters> ari: start at the top of a hill. the momentum should take over from there.

<crschmidt> wait, who lives one hour east of boston?
<crschmidt> can i come visit?
<dilinger> ....and that was the last time anyone heard from crschmidt

<micah> based on my past habits, Amazon contacts me whenever a new book on surveillance is released.
<micah> i find that frightening

<xxv> but it also looks like a nose with 2 nostrils.

<dilinger> i scream, you scream, we all scream for melamine! yayyy!

<dilinger> this is why i subscribe to lolcats. after reading the news, i need a kitty chaser.

<gravity> jaldhar's daughter is really adorable
<jaldhar> gravity: err that's my son

<Clint> seanius: http://www.coca-colablak.com/
<seanius> my screen just exploded into some kind of flash goo
<Clint> seanius: now you know what it tastes like

<neuralis> there are moments where i wonder if i have anger management problems. then i get too angry thinking about it to arrive at an answer.

<micah> well the best thing I did to fix my allergies
<micah> was to get my aura fluffed
<micah> at the holistic center in hippy squat, VT
<micah> after some chanting, and a drum circle I was good as new

<Clint> Ubuntu ESR/Linux
<johnsu01> I think this has already been named GUN/Linux

<mako> Schuyler: can you call mako and tell him to call his office?

<Clint> wow, i got the screen+irssi bug without using irssi
<jello> Clint: which screen+irssi bug?
<Clint> the one where it freezes up and won't talk to you for 7 minutes
<HE> I think I have seen this bug in some people already.

<Kiirani> Hi.. Um, tHis is odd, but I was just typing away in one of my IM windows and I suddenly lost tHe use of my lower case H.. It pops up witH tHe "New Instant Message" window, wHicH "H" is apparently a sHortcut for, However I was able to use H normally before, and can't work out exactly How I toggled tHis beHaviour. ... Help me, please? :(

<amaya> vorlon
<amaya> this is amaya again
<vorlon> amaya, this is still vorlon

<z> wow, i just realized there's a soccer team called the Chicago Fire
<z> how terrible is that
<z> why don't we just call our soccer team the Boston Molasses Disaster
<neuralis> or we could get the MBTA to make their own soccer team
<neuralis> it would be called the Boston T Party
<johnsu01> they'd always show up late
<johnsu01> to games
<neuralis> johnsu01: they'd show up late, but often!
<johnsu01> they'd certainly play fare
<johnsu01> and do a lot of training
<johnsu01> they'd make all kinds of complicated passes

<vorlon> it was the one sev: serious "pending upload" bug on dpkg's bug page
<ari> there are three now
<vorlon> by one I meant three
<vorlon> I'm Catholic

<ari> how does apple have the whole netblock
<peterS> ari: that's nothing, I have the whole netblock just for my apartment

<gravity> ari: How's the aritarium?
<ari> cozy
<gravity> ari: Do you have a bathtub?
<ari> i do
<gravity> You should name it the ariquarium

<dondelelcaro> all in favor say aye?
<piman> sqrt(-1)
<doogie> this must be a nerd channel.

<vorlon> ari: tetrinet is when a squarey-block and an L-block have feelings for each other and they have little baby special blocks

<helix> brussel sprouts are unique and beautiful mini-cabbages
<helix> ari: when you exercise do you get muscle sprouts?

<helix> my current phone only does english and spanish
<helix> because it's so old that no other languages existed at the time it was created

<sanxiyn> I thought xlibs does a lot more than just X protocol.
<vorlon> yes, it also functions as a suppository

<joshk> as for $SUBJECT.. it's probably <category>Blah</computers>
<joshk> er
<joshk> </category>
<joshk> that's one hell of a freudian slip that makes no sense.

<helix> oh there's a package named sup
<helix> sup needs to use yodl
<helix> there could be a sup.yo file

<pkern> Why do the French speak such a weird English... |:

<srbaker> we buy gas by the litre. it's more efficient that way.

<biella> that is why i am just having a pig and not a kid and i will gladly send him to harvard if he can get in
<gravity> And if not then you get bacon

<joshk> ari: your life appears to be procrastination after procrastination

<mako> spell check is the only reason mty emails are cohreant

<helix> no, the thingies people wear around their necks to hold keys or badges are called lanyards
<joshk> i think a lanyard is when you have ethernet jacks in your garden